131624 C-121J U.S. Navy

1953 Delivered to VR-8 MATS Hickham
1957 To VR-8 Moffet
1958 To COM AIR LANT Operation Deep Freeze
1958 Named “Phoenix” stationed at Wigram NZ
1962 Coded JD-6 and redisigned to C-121J
1963 Coded VX-6 Christchurch
1971 Final annual Arctic operation 
1971 Stored at Davis Monthan (TT: 15’709 hrs)
1978 Sold to Decon and scrapped


13152 “Phoenix” with silver belly seen idle at Wigram, New Zealand. Please note the penguins painted on the front wheel door. 1 penguin represents 1 completed antartica flight Wigram/Christchurch-McMurdo Sound. 

Constellation Details:

Variant: C-121J/1049B-55-75

Construction Number:4125
Registration Number:131624
Operator:U.S. Navy
Photographer / Collection: Zoggavia

Image Number: ZA46967

Photo Date: November 1961

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