N7305C L-1649A TWA

1957 Delivered to TWA FN305 ‘Star of Idaho’
1960 Withdrawn from use (TT: 10894 hrs) and sold to Trans Atlantica Argentina


Passengers disembarking N7305C L-1649A Jetstream of TWA at Paris airport. This Starliner flew inauguration the flight New York – Lisbon on 30 – 31 Juli 1957 and the last TWA piston engined passenger flight from New York to London on 17 January 1960. 

Decade: 1950 - 1959
Category: Airport scene
Operator Type: Commercial

Constellation Details:

Variant: L-1649A-98-15

Construction Number:1006
Registration Number:N7105C
Photographer / Collection: Zoggavia

Image Number: ZA43114

Photo Date: 1959

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