N7313C L-1649A TWA

1957 Delivered as N7313C to TWA FN313 ‘Star of the Severn’
1959 Crashed at Olgiate Olona, Italy after take-off from Milan heading for Paris.(TT: 6671 hrs)


N7313C L-1649A Starliner of TWA together with G-AKGN BOAC Boeing 377 Stratocruiser and a TWA l-4049G Super Constellation at the ramp of London Heathrow airport.

The Starliner flying service TW891/26 from Athens to Chicago. 15 minutes after take-off from Milan Malpensa airport  the L-1649A crashed on 26 June 1959 32km northwest of Milan en route to Paris. 
The breaking-up in flight was due to the explosion of the fuel vapours contained in tank No.7, followed immediately by either an explosion of pressure or a further explosion in tank no.6. In the absence of other significant concrete evidence, taking into account the stormy weather conditions, with frequent electric discharges, existing in the area at the time of the crash, it may be assumed that the explosion of the fuel vapours contained in tank No.7 was set off, through the outlet pipes, by igniting of the gasoline vapours issuing from these pipes as a consequence of static electricity discharges (streamer corona) which developed on the vent outlets. 

Chronicle of the Starliner crash

Civil Aeronautics Board – Aircraft Accident Report N7313C – 15 November 1960

Decade: 1950 - 1959
Category: Airport scene
Operator Type: Commercial

Constellation Details:

Variant: L-1649A-98-20

Construction Number:1015
Registration Number:N7313C
Photographer / Collection: Zoggavia

Image Number: ZA47306

Photo Date: September 1958

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