N9412H L-049 Lake Havasu City

1966 McCulloch Properties 
1966 Lake Havasu City
1968 Sold


Robert P. McCulloch formed the airline as an entrepreneur active in small gasoline engines, chain saws, and oil & development. In spite of Evinrude’s market lead, McCulloch continued to pursue the outboard market in the 1960s. This led him to Lake Havasu in search of a test site. In 1963 McCulloch purchased a 26 square miles (67 km2) parcel of barren desert that would become the site for Lake Havasu City. Customers interested in buying residential lots in Lake Havasu were flown free of charge in Constellations from almost all parts of the USA to his city. McCulloch flew regular charter flights after the take over of Vance International Airlines in 1971.

N9412H seen in old colors at an unknown location in 1966.

Constellation Details:

Variant: L-049-46-26

Construction Number:2072
Registration Number:N9412H

Image Number: ZA20120114_1

Photo Date: 1966

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