NX25600 L-049 Lockheed Aircraft

1943 First flight as NX25600 on 9 January
1943 Handed over as 43-10309 C-69 to USAF
1944 Converted to P&W R-2800 XC-69E
1945 Converted back to R-3350
1946 Sold as NC67900 to Howard Hughes NC67900
1950 Sold to Lockheed (TT: 404 hrs)
1950 Converted to Super Constellation


Construction started June 1941 and was completed by November 1942. Painted in USAAF camouflage with military star and civil test registration. First flight 9 January 1943 from Burbank, CA, with Edmund T. Allen and Milo Burcham at the controls, lasting 58 minutes.

Constellation Details:

Variant: L-49-46-10

Construction Number:1961
Registration Number:NX25600

Image Number: ZA42979

Photo Date: January 1943

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