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Decades: 1980 - 1989

The Eighties see the collapse of traditional communism and the ending of the Cold War, Microsoft, IBM, Intel and Apple begin to have an impact on all our lives as small Computers become cheaper and more widespread including home and Business. Famine in Ethiopia causes major music stars to band together to raise money and awareness, and the early beginnings of mobile phones as technology gets cheaper and smaller. 
Eighties Inventions  – The Year Invented Inventors and Country or attributed to First Use

Barcode —– 1973 USA
E-Mail —– 1971 USA
Floppy Disk —– 1971 USA by Alan Shugart
Genetic Engineering —– 1973 USA by S Cohen and H Boyer
Ink Jet Printer —– 1976 USA
In Vitro Fertilisation —– 1978 England “test tube baby”
Laser Printer —– 1975 USA
LCDs —– 1970 England by George Gray – Liquid Crystal Display
Microprocessor —– 1971 USA
MRI Scanner —– 1977 USA by Raymond Damadian
Personal Computer —– 1975 USA
Space Station —– 1973 USA Skylab

Eighties Money and Inflation
If you have $100 Converted from 1980 to 2020 it would be equivalent to $313.25 today

In 1980 a new house cost $68,714.00 and by 1989 was $120,00.00 
In 1980 the average income per year was $19,170.00 and by 1989 was $27,210.00
In 1980 a gallon of gas was $1.19 and by 1989 was 97 cents
In 1980 the average cost of new car was $7,210.00 and by 1989 was $15,400.00

A few more prices from the 80’s and how much things cost:
Camaro Coupe $7,571 Pontiac Grand AM $9,965 
Nike Air Force Basketball Shoes $54.90 
Tailored Style Silk Blouse $15.99 
Amiga 500 with Color Monitor $849 
Hands Free Operating Car Phone History of Mobile Phones $788 
Milk 85 cents 1/2 gallon 
Bunk Beds with Mattress $148
Cheer Laundry Detergent $1.59
Eighties Popular CultureJohn Lennon is shot outside his New York apartment
MTV (Music Television) is launched
Floppy shirts, Backcombed hair, Padded shoulders, big hair dos and white stilettos
The Simpsons Is First Seen On Tracey Ullman Show April 5th 1987
Michael Jackson releases his second adult solo album, Thriller. .
Some of the Most Well Known Movie Stars of the Seventies
Clint Eastwood
Burt Reynolds
Harrison Ford
Michael J Fox
Eddie Murphy
Tom Cruise
Dudley Moore
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Eighties Fashion
There was no such thing as subtlety in the 1980s—if you wanted to be cool, that is. Bright statement colors (and by bright, we mean neon), acid-wash jeans, Members Only jackets, and Swatch watches were the definition of totally tubular

Eighties Homes
It is interesting looking at the furniture and fixtures you might find in a home from each decade, as we move to more smaller computers why have a Computer Work Station, VHS Tapes No Longer used, Bean Bags not anywhere near as popular as during the Eighties.

As technology improves the size gets smaller and smaller and more and more powerful. The “Portable Camcorder” replaced by today’s Mobile Phone, The Timex Sinclair Color Computer replaced a much more powerful Tablet, Stereo Sound Television now exists as a smaller more energy efficient flatscreen TV, and the latest 50 inch Projection Screen TV can now be found as Flat Screen TV up to 100 inches .

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