Image Sources

Image Sources

The website is run by Paul Zogg and sourced with images from the Zoggavia Collection where the Constellation has been the focus area of the collection. Meanwhile  the “Queen of the skies” reached such a position that a website dedicated to Constellations only was a logical outcome. From our comprehensive photo database of 4000+ dating back to the 1940s, to our Constellation database comprising of records of almost every airframe, we want to standout the aviation community. 

So take a look around. Get acclimated. Let us know if you have any questions. And most of all, enjoy our Constellation collection that’s available right at your fingertips, here at!

Kodachrome – the iconic film for Constellations and other classic aviation photography



The Lockheed Constellation Series, Peter J. Marson, Air-Britain Publication, 1982 & 2007

Piston Engine Airliner Production List, A.B. Eastwood and J. Roach, TAHS, October 2002

Lockheed Constellation, Stewart Wilson, Notebook Publications, 2001

Propliner Aviation Magazine

Aric Aldrich, Michael Axe, John Bade, Ken Bader, Eric Bernhard, Eric Bittner, Will Blunt, Richard Braun, Joe Brickner, Guido Bühlmann, Roger Caratini, Peter Casell, Rene Chancey, Joseph Cupido, Kase Dekker, Manuel Delgado, Andreas Dürr, Idil Ertugay, Jose, Fernandez, Bob Garrard, Clinton Groves, Eddie J. Gual, Werner Gysin, Rudolf Heimann, Sue Huetter, Loren Jones, Fata László, Mel Lawrence, Christopher Knott, Chris Mack, Peter Marson, Ian MacFarlane, Mike McKitterick, David Menard, Gary Michaels, Larry Millberry, Gerald Modrack, David Molesworth, Robert O’Brien, Doug Olsen, David O’Neill, Peter Peyer, Steven Pinnow, Terry Panopalis, Ed Peck, Petr Popelar, Joe Pries, Jon Proctor, Michael Prophet, Alain Petit, Robert Restaino, Nicky Scherrer, Paul Sheehan, Harry Sievers, Tom Singfield, Larry Smalley, Debbie Smith, Jack Smith, Brian Stainer, Henry Tenby, Dave Tile, Robert Turner, John Young, Peter Van Leeuwen, Christian Volpati, Jo Ware, Florian Weiss, Darryl Wickham, A. Woodrofe


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