Links to Constellation media – slides and photos – and zoggavia

Zoggavia Lockheed Constellation Ebay store 

Zoggavia Aviation Collectibles Airlinehobby stores – Classic airliner slides on auction and buy now

Jewels – Auction of one of a kind aviation slides from the zoggavia collection

Link to Zoggavia collection

Link to Zoggavia’s Lockheed Classics site

Zoggavia – visit the 3D virtual Lockheed Constellation and other classic airliner galleries

Dominique Ottello – Lockheed Constellation production database in French and English

Links to Lockheed Constellation resources

List of accidents and incidents involving the Lockheed Constellation

Zoggavia – Lockheed Constellation mishapes

Aviation Safety Network – Lockheed Constellation incidents & accidents
L-649 / 749

Constellations in movies and television


Links to current Lockheed Constellations

Ralph M. Pettersen’s Constellation Survivors Website

HARS Aviation Museum – Currently the only flying Constellation 

Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA)

National Air and Space Museum – Smithsonian

TWA Hotel’s Lockheed Constellation

The Museum of Flight

Goleta Air & Space Museum 

Air Mobility Command Museum. “C-121 Constellation”

Airline History Museum

Science Museum

Aviodrome Lelystad Airport

Willy Victor Era by Midway Island

Additional Lockheed Constellation reading:

23 Lockheed Constellations and Super Constellations operated by Qantas

Wilkinson, Stephan. “The Legendary Lockheed Constellation.” Aviation History.

The Lockheed Constellation – “The Plane That Changed The World” – by Joanna Bailey

Nomination for Engineering Heritage Recognition of Super Constellation – VH-EAG Historical Aircraft Restoration Society

The United States Air Force, 553rd Reconnaissance Wing, Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base and their Lockheed EC-121R Aircraft – by Larry Westin

Lockheed EC-121 Constellation – by Dean Boys

Full-scale dynamic crash test of a Lockheed Starliner

Rescuing a Lockheed Super-Constellation in the North Atlantic ocean

Manufacturer’s Models of the Lockheed Constellation by Jim Striplin – Posted in Airline Issue Models, Captain’s Log

SCFA C-121C/L-1049F Super Constellation – by Ralph Kunadt

Airlinersgallery – by  Bruce Drum

Delta Flight Museum

Constellation – by Burbank in Focus

Lockheed Constellation – by Aircraft in Focus

Lockheed Constellation Art Prints – by Fineartamerica

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