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Zoggavia presents a new photobook


The credit for the development of arguably the most aesthetically beautiful piston engined airliner ever designed, can be laid at the door of Howard Hughes, the industrialist, film producer, and record breaking pilot. It was on behalf of his airline, Transcontinental & Western Air, later to become Trans World Airlines, that he approached US airframe manufacturers in 1939, with the requirement for a new design of airliner capable to fly coast to coast non-stop in the USA, at a speed of 300 miles per hour.

C/N 1961 NX25600 Model 49 Constellation Prototype in USAAF markings. Lockheed via Zoggavia collection

In total 22 C-69 (the military variant) & conversions and 66 L-049 were built and used by USAAF, TWA, Delta Airlines, Capital Airlines, Braniff, Pan American World Airways, American Overseas Airlines (AOA), Air France, KLM, BOAC, El Al, Cubana de Aviación, and other less-known airlines.

Pan American Connies

The Hardcover photobook, size 29 x 21cm / 11.41″ x 8.26″ with 176 images almost all in color on 32 pages. Every image is identified by c/n, registration, airline / owner with some details regarding date or fate of the aircraft.

Full page images
Rare color images

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Current model 049 Connie images

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