Welcome to the Lockheed Constellation site by Zoggavia

The Connie captured the world’s heart — of that there is little doubt. With its swooping fuselage, three fins and stalky landing gear, the Lockheed Constellation is a beauty.

www.lockheedconstellation.com is a dedicated resource for Constellations only. The Zoggavia collection has assumed more than 4000 Constellation images over the years. Instead of keeping the slides, negs, and photos in a drawer we think the Connie should be shown in her glory to the world. We want to share these one of a kind documents, most of them in color, of a time long gone by with you. Step in and take a travel in the time machine – just like it was yesterday.

We will add images continuously therefore stay tuned for updates.

Get in touch – we are looking for your feedback!

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